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Mission statement: 

As a Professional Consulting Engineering Firm, we seek to improve and enhance the Engineering Profession by providing our clients with the highest quality of service possible and our employees with challenging and rewarding careers.

Vista Engineering takes its responsibility to its clients seriously.  We strive to provide services of the highest possible calibre.  We understand our role in a changing world where the global economies no longer make it viable for most manufacturers to maintain internal engineering departments.  Consequently, organizations tend to fall behind the times.  Economic and political liabilities associated with operating outmoded, inefficient, uncompetitive and environmentally aggressive operations can no longer be tolerated,  particularly in light of a more open and competitive market place.

We strive to provide what we feel is a very cost effective and valuable service.  That is, to provide expert, up-to-date technical assistance on an as-needed basis.  Through our team of top-notch engineers, designers and draftsmen, as well as with our network of professional associates. Vista can provide not only traditional "hard" process engineering disciplines (mechanical, electrical and structural) but, in addition, can provide expertise in such important modern areas as automation and control, energy conservation, and environmental engineering.  We pride ourselves on staying up with the latest information and technologies so that we may offer the very best in service to our clients.

Vista was established over 10 years ago with the vision of offering professional consulting engineering and project management for industrial clients, solving problems with an innovative perspective and an eye on the future. We are proud of the projects completed to-date which range from conducting energy audits and performing cost-benefit studies to designing and managing a 15M plant expansion.  Please refer to the list of representative projects to see the wide range of our assignments.  As Vista continues to grow, the foundation of personalized, quality service will remain the cornerstone of our philosophy.

The final word about Vista Engineering is flexibility.  Whether a client needs consulting only, or full project management, we are willing and able to work in whatever capacity is the most useful to our client.

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